Finding Notes

Find Notes Your Own Way

Pear Note does not force you into a single way of finding your notes. Instead, Pear Note presents notes as simple document files so that you can use whichever method of finding notes you like. These include organizing them into folders and searching for them with system search tools.

Organizing Notes

If you like to organize your notes, feel free to organize them into folders wherever you like. Because Pear Note presents notes as simple files, you can manage them just like any other files in the Finder.

Searching for Notes

The easiest way to search for Notes is to use Spotlight. You can access Spotlight from the magnifying glass in the top-right corner of your screen, or by using the search field in Finder.

By default, Spotlight will search for any kind of file on your system. If you'd like to limit your search to Pear Note documents, simply type kind:"Pear Note" followed by what you want to search for.

Searching within the app

Older Pear Note versions provided a way to search your entire system for notes from within Pear Note itself. Unfortunately, this feature was quite limited when compared to the capabilities of Spotlight itself in current releases of Mac OS X. Also, this feature is not permitted for a sandboxed app. So, the feature has been removed, and you should use Spotlight directly instead now.