Toolbar Controls

Record buttonRecord - If not recording, start recording. If recording, button is red and pressing it stops recording.
Play buttonPlay - If not playing, start playing. If playing, button is blue and pressing it stops playback.
Pause buttonPause - During recording, stop recording. During playback, pause playback.
Rewind buttonRewind - During playback, rewind (at 4x speed). Glows blue when rewinding, in which case the pressing it will stop rewinding.
Fast Forward buttonFast Forward - During playback, fast forward (at 4x speed). Glows blue when fast forwarding, in which case the pressing it will stop fast forwarding.
Back buttonJump Back - During playback, jump back a few seconds. This is useful if you click somewhere and just want to go back a few seconds to catch the beginning of a sentence.
PlayheadPlayhead - Playhead for use during playback. You can click on this to jump to a point in the recording, or drag the playhead around to scan within the document.
TimerTimer - Shows the current time on one side of the timeline and the remaining time on the other.
Highlight buttonHighlight - Highlight the current selection.
Quick List buttonQuick List - Begin a list (Option-click for a numbered list).
Sharing buttonShare - Share this note on the web, as described in Sharing Notes on the Web.

Other Controls

There are other controls in Pear Note, which are detailed elsewhere. These include: