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Useful Fruit is a company dedicated to creating useful, well-made software for Mac users.

Computers should enhance our lives, and the software running them should make impossible tasks possible and difficult tasks easier. Too much software today causes its users frustration. Useful Fruit is dedicated to making software that improves the life of its users and works the way it should. Does that mean my software is bug free? No, but it means I'll try my best to fix any problems you have as quickly as possible.

Useful Fruit is owned and operated by me, Chad Sellers. I founded Useful Fruit in January of 2008. My first product, Pear Note for Mac, was released in September of 2008. This product is designed to help users take and understand notes - something I've struggled with throughout my life. I'm very happy with this product, as it embodies the values of this company very well (or at least I think so; you'll have to judge for yourself).

Since that time, Pear Note for Mac has grown up a lot, including adding features and improving usability. It has even gotten a younger sibling in the form of Pear Note for iOS. I do plan to create more applications beyond Pear Note, but not before Pear Note for iOS gets a little more mature.