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Pear Note for iPad

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Pear Note for iPad is now available on the App Store!

And, for a limited time, it’s only $4.99.

I won’t spend too much time talking about features here, as you can just click on Pear Note for iPad above to see that. The highlights are:

  • Timestamped audio recording – just like you’re used to in Pear Note for Mac
  • Rich text notes – yes, actual rich text notes where you can bold a word, make something a heading, highlight a key point, use bullets or numbered lists to make an outline, and more
  • Dropbox syncing – easily move notes between your iPads and Macs automatically

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What about the iPhone? – I wanted 1.0 to be a universal app for both iPad and iPhone, but the timing didn’t work out. I plan to make a future version universal, but it likely won’t be released before 2012. This is actually one of the reasons I decided to cut the price in half for now. So, buy it now while it’s a deal, then get the update to universal later for free!
  • What about video? – You can play back video recorded in Pear Note for Mac today. I’m considering adding video recording to Pear Note for iPad in a future version if there’s enough demand. So, drop me a note to let me know that you want it if you’re interested.
  • Can I use a bluetooth keyboard with Pear Note for iPad? – Yes
  • Can I use an external USB microphone with Pear Note for iPad? – Believe it or not, yes, though you need the USB adapter from the iPad Camera Connection Kit