Pear Note for iPad

Pear Note for iPad is now available on the App Store!

And, for a limited time, it’s only $4.99.

I won’t spend too much time talking about features here, as you can just click on Pear Note for iPad above to see that. The highlights are:

  • Timestamped audio recording – just like you’re used to in Pear Note for Mac
  • Rich text notes – yes, actual rich text notes where you can bold a word, make something a heading, highlight a key point, use bullets or numbered lists to make an outline, and more
  • Dropbox syncing – easily move notes between your iPads and Macs automatically

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What about the iPhone? – I wanted 1.0 to be a universal app for both iPad and iPhone, but the timing didn’t work out. I plan to make a future version universal, but it likely won’t be released before 2012. This is actually one of the reasons I decided to cut the price in half for now. So, buy it now while it’s a deal, then get the update to universal later for free!
  • What about video? – You can play back video recorded in Pear Note for Mac today. I’m considering adding video recording to Pear Note for iPad in a future version if there’s enough demand. So, drop me a note to let me know that you want it if you’re interested.
  • Can I use a bluetooth keyboard with Pear Note for iPad? – Yes
  • Can I use an external USB microphone with Pear Note for iPad? – Believe it or not, yes, though you need the USB adapter from the iPad Camera Connection Kit

13 Responses to “Pear Note for iPad”

  1. Mike Rohde says:

    Congrats Chad! So great to see Pear Note iPad in the app store. Even better that Leo featured the app on iPad Today!

  2. Yannis says:

    Any chances for image capture directly in alignment with the text notes?

  3. c-had says:


    I’m considering it as a possible future feature, but no promises. I’ll take your comment as a vote for the feature.

  4. Bobbie says:

    Thank you so much for making this, so far works great with dropbox to listen to all my lectures. Haven’t tried recording one yet as my mic is broken but will get that fixed soon. One issue I have is sometimes when it re-syncs a file with dropbox a popover sync message will display and I just can’t do anything in the app till its done. I also find it difficult to expand/collapse the notes/audio/slides menus. It would be nice to just tap anywhere on the bar instead of just the chevron because I tend to keep opening the audio tab when I’m aiming for slides. I also wish the slides would be a bit bigger when in landscape view because as it is I can barely make out text on some slides. I’m also curious what does “lock screen normally” do? I think an image capture would be more handy than video recording but I would rather have a universal app first. Even an iPhone app that only does playback would be great because it seems impracticable to record unless you had a bluetooth keyboard. But anyways thanks again for such a great app and is another step towards me not even bringing my laptop to class :)
    Oh and just wanted to add I love the bouncing text animation when notes are typed, nice touch.

  5. c-had says:


    Thanks for the feedback.

    Pear Note turns off screen locking when you’re recording or playing back a note. This is what most people want, but some users would prefer to have the screen lock after the normal timeout. “Lock screen normally” means that your iPad will lock its screen at whatever time you have it set to normally (e.g. 5 minutes).

  6. Ayodh says:

    Awesome job with the app. Could you please add some export options? I don’t have a Mac and wish I could export the notes and mail them.

  7. Thrbldtiger says:

    Is it possible to record from a bluetooth mic?

  8. c-had says:

    I’m sorry, but I believe it is not possible to record from a bluetooth mic.

  9. Kei says:

    I recently downloaded your app and I really love it for taking meeting notes. One additional feature which would make this my go to app is the ability to export the audio and text files by email. To do this with a tap of a button would shorten my workflow with the app. Thanks

  10. Adam says:

    +1 for export to email option. that would be fantastic! thanks for the great app. I have tried looking for the perfect note taking app for months. I’ve spent quite a bit of money, and had no luck. the biggest desire: to have a rich text editor in an app that didn’t get in the way with a bunch of other frills. the added audio time stamping is a huge bonus! I’m going to share this with every one at work, as out meeting usually require some type of audio recording for later reference. thanks!

  11. Kendon says:

    Hi Chad,

    I would very much be interested in making notes to video on the iPad and if possible syncing these notes to Pearnote on my mac.

    I’ve been telling everybody about your very useful applications.

    Great work,


  12. Shelby Barnachea says:

    Hi Chad, I’ve been using Pear Note with my macbook, but I recently purchased it on my ipad because it’s an overall lighter load for my things to carry to school. It’s been awesome and the features are great, but when I want to relisten to my notes and edit my text, it goes to the timestamp of the audio where I want to edit. In the Pear note on my macbook, I could lock the text so that I can edit my notes while listening to my recording. Is it possible to bring this feature back? I bought a $100 keyboard today just so I can type on pear note with my ipad, but it feels kind of worthless now that I can’t even edit my notes while listening to the recording.

    Great work so far,


  13. c-had says:

    Hi Shelby,

    I’m sorry, but no. Pear Note for iOS has a trimmed down feature set when compared with its big brother, Pear Note for Mac. You’ll have to stick with Pear Note for Mac for the more advanced features, and use Pear Note for iOS as its streamlined mobile companion.