Coming soon to an App Store near you

Pear Note for iPad is coming very soon. I can’t say exactly how soon, as Apple is in control of that. It has been submitted to Apple, and will be available for purchase on the App Store whenever they approve it. In the mean time you can learn more about what’s coming by looking at the new Pear Note for iPad page here on this site.

Also, Pear Note for Mac 2.1 is now available. The main change in 2.1 is an updated file format that is compatible with Pear Note for iPad. Pear Note for iPad can sync notes via Dropbox with other iPads or Macs running Pear Note. If you’d like to sync over old notes, you’ll have to open them with Pear Note for Mac 2.1 and re-save them. They’ll be updated to the new file format, making them readable in Pear Note for iPad.

There’s another small but very important change in Pear Note 2.1. Pear Note and Lion did not get along as well as I had hoped, resulting in a bug there that could cause recordings to disappear. I apologize to any of you that lost recordings due to this, but it’s fixed in Pear Note 2.1. If you’ve upgraded to Lion, I recommend you update Pear Note for Mac to 2.1 immediately to avoid running into this.

One Response to “Coming soon to an App Store near you”

  1. Yannis says:

    PearNote was the first mac os x app that i found which is capable of recording audio amd link it to the text..that is fabulous! The sad thing is that nowdays this is not enough…

    It is great to take pictures (of the whiteboard where the slides of the professor are projected) and inline them with the text…unfortunatley MBP dont have a rotation-enabled isight so the snap feature of the lovely pear note, is quite of no use for me…oh..wait!

    Pear note comes for the iPad!!! Superb news! IPad has 2 cameras! So you can take pics of the slides while you are writing and recording (something like evernote), but hopefully now the pics will be inline with text (and not on the top as icons) and will benamed as image 1,2,3,4…etc and not image clip (allmof them) as evernote does.

    Oh, wait…pear note for iPad does not support use of iPad cameras??? :-(