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Pear Note’s use in film

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

On this week’s Mac Power Users podcast, they interviewed comedian, writer, actor, and director David Wain. You may know of him from The State, MADtv, Role Models, Children’s Hospital, or his upcoming movie starring Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd, Wanderlust. In the podcast, David describes his workflow for making a movie and the tools he uses along the way. One of those tools is Pear Note.

In the interview, he talks about using Pear Note for notes sessions on readings of the script as well as screenings with producers and studio personnel. He also talks about using Pear Note to keep track of what parts get laughs during early screenings. The whole interview is great (Pear Note’s part happens just after the 22 minute mark).

I love hearing different ways Pear Note is used, and I’m glad to hear it’s so helpful in movie making. I have to say, when I set out to make a note-taking tool, I was picturing classrooms and conference rooms. I never would have dreamed it would be used to help make a major motion picture.

Pear Note 2.0.5

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Pear Note 2.0.5 is now out. This is a maintenance release, and is now available for update from here or through the Mac App Store.

Pear Note 2.0.5 includes improvements to the web player created when you share your notes. These include compatibility with new versions of Mobile Safari on the iPad. This means that when you share your notes now, they’ll be playable on the iPad as well as in the browser. If you’ve had problems with your old notes playing back on the iPad, now you can just re-share them after updating to 2.0.5 and they should now play.

Pear Note 2.0.5 also has a new preference to set how much time to jump back when you hit the jump back button. 30 seconds is still the default, but if you miss the 10 seconds jump from Pear Note 1 or want something else, you can now set it to whatever you like.

So, update away and enjoy!