Pear Note 2.0.5

Pear Note 2.0.5 is now out. This is a maintenance release, and is now available for update from here or through the Mac App Store.

Pear Note 2.0.5 includes improvements to the web player created when you share your notes. These include compatibility with new versions of Mobile Safari on the iPad. This means that when you share your notes now, they’ll be playable on the iPad as well as in the browser. If you’ve had problems with your old notes playing back on the iPad, now you can just re-share them after updating to 2.0.5 and they should now play.

Pear Note 2.0.5 also has a new preference to set how much time to jump back when you hit the jump back button. 30 seconds is still the default, but if you miss the 10 seconds jump from Pear Note 1 or want something else, you can now set it to whatever you like.

So, update away and enjoy!

One Response to “Pear Note 2.0.5”

  1. Jon says:

    Nice update! I’m glad notes can be viewed on the iPad now. I’m just sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the iPad version to come out!