Pear Note 3.2.1 for Mac

Hot on the heels of Pear Note 3.2 is Pear Note 3.2.1. Pear Note 3.2 had a bug in it that would prevent it from updating to new versions when running on OS X El Capitan 10.11. If you try to check for updates, you’ll see an error. Sadly, I did’t catch this until after it was released. So, I pulled the 3.2 download to fix the bug. 3.2.1 does not have this bug, and should be able to update itself just fine.

What if I installed 3.2?

If you were one of the few people who managed to download 3.2 before I pulled it, and you are running on 10.11, then you will have to manually update to 3.2.1. To do so, just download the trial in your browser, and replace the broken 3.2 with the 3.2.1 you download (if you just run the download, it will offer to put itself in Applications for you). It will see your installed license, so no worries about being in trial mode again.

Hopefully there is no 3.2.2 coming immediately, but please let me know if you run into any problems.

2 Responses to “Pear Note 3.2.1 for Mac”

  1. Mason says:

    Dear developer

    I really appreciate that you have made this program and I want to suggest one extra function:

    the hierarchy in the note such like the omnioutliner and workflow, it will be much more clear for the user to make notes and significantly increase the reading effect .

    Please consider about my suggestion and thanks for your brilliant work.

    Yours Mason

  2. ilikemacsalot says:

    For archival purposes you should upload version 3.2 to with the update warning