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Pear Note for iOS 2.1 and Pear Note for Mac 3.1 are now available!

Pear Note for iOS 2.1


The big new feature in the iOS app is image support. You can now take a picture with the camera, grab a photo from your photo library, or copy/paste images from other apps into your notes. So stop describing what your teacher is holding and instead just snap a picture of it.


Many of you have asked for sketching support in Pear Note. While Pear Note still does not contain sketching support within the app, the new image support means you can use other sketching apps in conjunction with Pear Note. When you’re taking notes with Pear Note – recording audio and typing away, and you need to add a sketch, just switch to a sketching app to make your sketch. Pear Note will continue to record in the background. When you’re done sketching, copy the image, switch back to Pear Note, and paste it in.

The nice thing about this approach is that you can use whichever sketching app suits your needs. There are a bunch of them out there, and you may prefer one over another. I personally like to draw using the Procreate app, which is very powerful and includes the ability to copy (though it is a bit hidden, as you have to swipe the layer in the Layers menu).

Minor improvements

There’s now in-app help available (under the Settings gear). You can now bring up the recording controls on the iPhone without flipping to the note back by long-pressing the flip-to-back button. Dropbox syncing is made a bit more robust, and other bugs are fixed as well.

Pear Note for Mac 3.1

Retina support

On the Mac side, the biggest change in the new version is Pear Note is now fully Retina-capable. So, if you’ve got a fancy new Retina MacBook Pro, Pear Note should now look a lot prettier. If you don’t have one, then just pretend you never read this paragraph.


Pear Note 3.1 is also now sandboxed if you get it from the Mac App Store. This should not have any affect on functionality… I hope.

Other stuff

Pear Note 3.1 also saves documents in an updated format that includes saving images in a format that the iOS version can read. If you have any old documents that include images you’d like to see in the new iOS version, you’ll need to open them and re-save them.

And of course there are a bunch of bug fixes in the new version as well.

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