Seeking beta testers

I’m looking for folks to test the Mac App Store version of Pear Note.

There are two versions of Pear Note for Mac – the one from the Mac App Store and the one from outside it. They’re essentially the same app with only a couple minor under the hood exceptions. Up until now, all the beta testing of Pear Note has happened on the non-App Store version, as that was much easier to distribute. Thank you to all who have tested and continue to do so on the non-App Store version.

This will be insufficient soon. Apple now requires that any feature updates to App Store apps be sandboxed. Because of this, I need some people to beta test the sandboxed App Store version of Pear Note for Mac. If you’re interested, please send me an email. I’ll gather those interested and beta testing of 3.1 should start in a couple weeks.

2 Responses to “Seeking beta testers”

  1. Manali Joshi says:


    I am a student and taking software testing courses. Testing this app will give a good practical testing experience. I am interested in testing your app.

    Thanks for your time and concideration.

    Manali Joshi.

  2. Jessie says:

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