Pear Note 2.0

I’m pleased to announce the immediate release of Pear Note 2.0. This is the first major revision to Pear Note, and it’s a huge one. This is the kind of update that would usually come with an upgrade fee, but as I said earlier, it doesn’t. This is a free upgrade to all you Pear Note 1 users out there as a way of saying thank you for being an early adopter. All of your feedback has really helped get Pear Note to this point, and I really appreciate it.

I’ll talk about some of the new features in more detail in the coming weeks, but I wanted to briefly enumerate them here.


Pear Note 2 includes a new sharing feature, which allows you to create web page versions of your notes to share with anyone with a web browser. These shared notes are fully playable and integrated, just like a normal Pear Note document, meaning that users can use the text of the note to navigate through the recording or slides. You can try out one of these here. Many thanks to Brian Artka for helping out with the web portions of this.

New user interface

The most noticeable change in Pear Note 2 is the completely new user interface, which is designed to make using Pear Note a more pleasant experience. The new interface improves discoverability in the app, and also makes navigating through the timeline much easier. And let’s face it, the old interface wasn’t the prettiest in the world. Many thanks to Mike Rohde for helping to make Pear Note 2 look so good.

Playback speed adjustment

Since so many of you asked for it,¬†Pear Note 2 also includes support for playback speed adjustment. You can use this feature to listen to your notes at faster than real-time to review things more quickly or you can slow things down to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Other improvements

There are a lot of other improvements as well that you can check out. These include support for adding multiple slides files to a single note, much faster search support, and many more.

11 Responses to “Pear Note 2.0”

  1. Mike Rohde says:

    Chad, congrats on the release of Pear Note 2.0! It’s been great fun to help redesign the UI from the ground up and see it come to life.

    I hope your dedicated users love the updates and that 2.0 attracts many, many new users who become raving fans of Pear Note like the rest of us dedicated users already are. :-)

  2. Chris says:

    !!!!!! @ the Web Player!

    The new design of the site is beautiful, the new UI is beautiful, this is all just super cool.

    Congratulations! I look forward to using Pear Note 2.

  3. Bent Bilstrup says:

    Thanks for a super upgrade! All my workshop sessions are now published on our wiki and our client is VERY impressed. “How are you doing this?” they ask. “One piece of fruit a day” we answer :-)

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  6. Mark says:

    Very interested in this app, I hope you have plans to produce a iPhone/iPad app that supports sync across devices.

  7. this app sounds good, really interested in it

  8. Tom says:

    Really nice update. I’d also like to see an iPod Touch version.

  9. tfserna says:

    Many thanks for the considerate upgrade. Pear Note has been a great product from the start and now is even better. Love the new UI and features. Extremely useful, elegant piece of software.

    Thanks again!
    Bests from Madrid, TFS

  10. Br says:

    Looks great Chad. Upgraded and using it right now. Keep up the hard work!

  11. greer says: