Pear Note 1.2.3

Pear Note 1.2.3 is now out and available. It has a few bug fixes (thanks to all of you for alerting me to them) as well as some minor improvements you might appreciate.

  1. Improved support for UVC webcams – If you’re using a USB webcam that is plug-and-play (meaning you didn’t have to install a driver), it’s likely using the UVC standard. These cameras don’t behave as well as they should on OS X right now, but Pear Note 1.2.3 adds some workarounds to help this. They still sometimes misbehave, but things are at least better with these fixes. To really solve the problem, we’ll have to wait for Apple to improve support for these cameras.
  2. Proper handling of quoted searches – If you’ve tried to use quoted phrases in Search, you’ve probably found that Pear Note did not handle quoted phrases the way you would expect. As of 1.2.3, it does.

Enjoy the new release, and let me know if you have any problems.

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