Filling in the gaps

Unless you’re a better note-taker than I am, you probably end up with gaps in your notes. After a class or a meeting you look over your notes and realize that you didn’t write anything down for 20 minutes. Maybe you were doing the talking at that point so you couldn’t write anything, maybe you zoned out, maybe you dozed off, or maybe you just didn’t think about writing anything down. Regardless, you’ve got nothing for that portion of your notes.

Pear Note is great for this situation, as you can just hit play, click on the end of the notes you did type, and listen to the portion you slept through¬†missed. That may be all you want to do, but Pear Note can also let you update your notes. Just click the “Unlock to modify text” button and you can do just that. Clicking that button turns off the text area’s ability to jump around the recording so that you can add text (or modify the text already there).

When you write text now, Pear Note will record time stamps for that new text just as if you’d written it during the original recording. That means that later when you play it back, you can use your new text to navigate through your recording just like the original text. So, the next time you zone out, take comfort that you can come back and fill in that gap as if you were paying attention the entire time.

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