The state of software today is somewhat depressing. It seems like companies keep putting out products that many of us in the industry would be embarrassed to be associated with. Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of companies with a standard of excellence, and I commend companies like Apple and Google for maintaining that standard of excellence as they’ve grown. That said, far too many companies have lost the drive to take pride in their software, particularly as they’ve gotten bigger. They focus on building something their salespeople can sell to users, rather than building something their users will appreciate and help them sell.

This is why I’ve started Useful Fruit. I want to be proud of the fruit of my work. I want to create software that my users will find useful, software that improves the lives of my users. I’ve realized that the best way I can accomplish this is to strike out on my own. So, Useful Fruit is that endeavor to create software that users will find useful and well-made. Now you can be the judge of how well I perform.

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